Friday Technical Tutorials

Below is just a little post whereby I’ll evaluate upon all of the brilliant extras we’ve been taught in the tutorials hosted by Tony and Koray.

30.10.’20 — Indesign Introduction

In this particular tutorial, we had a little reminder and refresher into Indesign from Tony. Realistically, I hadn’t properly used InDesign since the L4 Zine group module, which would’ve been around the new year, so this tutorial was most definitely needed!

In the first tutorial, we were just reminded of how to set up a document within Indesign and with accurate grids, sizing and so on. This tutorial tied in so well with the analogue task we completed on Monday with Joe Frascina in uni, as now I’ve had an insight into grids in both an analogue and digitial setting, alongisde the terminology!

06.11.’20 — Indesign Intermediate Tutorial

In today’s indesign tutorial, we learnt a few more advances tricks and possibilities from Tony that would help to advance our skills for the module. We were retaught a bit more detail on how to use paragraph styles and the amount of time that they can reduce from a project! We also were taught details of PDF settings, how to create buttons, how to include videos and how to export to a printable standard.

This tutorial was helpful as ever of course, despite being a little more niche. Even if the skills we were shown aren’t necessarily used in this module, these skills are so helpful to know and I’ll be sure to include them in later modules or personal work.



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