Lecture — Anthropocene and Climate Crisis with Fred Hubble

As part of the contextual studies series, today we looked at the climate crisis alongside the Anthropocene hosted by Fred Hubble.

Although this topic is not my chosen area that I’ll be looking into for my essay, this subject was absolutely amazing to learn about, especially with application to creative projects that have been based on it too.

The climate crisis is a subject that makes me so unbelievably anxious and uncomfortable to be perfectly honest, but one that I also find incredibly interesting and something we simply cannot ignore anymore; so despite it being overwhelming at points I like to remain informed on where we currently are.

Parts of the lecture I found most notable included the Ed Wilson theory on eremocene era — the era of loneliness. It made me evaluate and agree; ultimately we are becoming a more secluded society where we may be becoming selfish. With this eremocene era in mind, I found it really interesting that by the end of the lecture we were being informed on the limbic resonance, the natural need we have as humans to have connection with other people.

Finally, it was really exciting to have a guest speaker for a lecture! Of course, all of Ally’s lectures are great - it was just a new refresher to have a different speaker.



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