New Brief — What secondary brief have we chosen to explore as part of the final module of L5?

To finalise this year of university, myself, Katie and Jessie have chosen to work together (as we did for D&AD) for a packaging brief. For this brief, we are combining the idea of the New Year’s celebrations, that we all missed out on as such, with a new Gordon’s Gin; together, they’ll focus on a “new” New Years, where we treat the 21st of June this year as our brand new year, that we all deserve.

Based on our current ideation, we are meeting the brief in every area so far. For example, the brief outlines an emphasis on ‘the 2021 that we all deserve’, which we are emphasizing by designing a new series of gin thay focusses on the New Year that we never received, as such. Secondly, we are meeting the brief by choosing a brand they outlined, Gordon’s Gin, alongside the articles they outlined; we’ve put the two together as they suggested.

So far, I am so, so happy with our ideation and they way we are working together. After D&AD, our work ethic as a group only got stronger; we were able to communicate more honestly, clearly and professionally. I am so exctied to be doing a secondary brief with both Katie and Jessie as we always seem to crack out the best ideas when we put our ideas together.

Finally, on a more personal level, I am so excited to be focussing on a packaging brief. I have individually done a packaging module in the past and found that I enjoyed it quite a lot, but I am even more excited to see what I can produce when I collaborate, especially now that I am more confident in a lot of my design work.


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