Personal Work — End Child Poverty

On October 21st, 322 Conservative MPs voted against the extension of the free school meals scheme that was introduced to support families during the unprecedented times we are in at the moment, to offer that extra support where it is really needed.

As someone who relied on free school meals at points of my education, cruel and disgusted aren’t even the words to cover how this makes me feel at this point.

As usual, I tend to turn to my designs or making artwork when I feel frustrated, useless or if I feel that something really needs to be addressed. So, naturally, I turned to my drawing board; below is the final concept.

Above is the design I made in response to the rejection of the free school meals scheme by 322 Conservatives.

The message I was implying with this piece was to play on the idea of not being ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ to emphasise that not all children are from a wealthy background the same way a lot of our MPs are, but also, more specifically, that many children do not have the means to be fed at home in some cases. I posted this piece on my design instagram, @anniedsgns, alongside a petition to create a bit of action, small though it may be.



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