The Charles — Industry Talk 06.11.’20

As a final extra to be involved with this week in uni, we enjoyed an incredible studio talk with The Charles, based in New York, over a teams call.

Above is a screengrab from the brilliant talk we enjoyed from the The Charles.

This talk was so beneficial for so many different reasons! Firstly, I found it so genuinely motivational and exciting to recieve an insight into a truly successful agency and to see the working side to the world of graphics that I’ll hopefully be stepping into one day. Secondly, It was also such a refreshing reminder that agencies are still connected and aware of the students/graduates in the industry even though we are all working remotely, as, now more than ever, it’s easy to feel a little disconnected.

Secondly, a section of the talk I found really helpful was the Dos and Don’ts for CVs and interviews. I’m a little bit of a way off for applying to graduate jobs of course, however, it was so beneficial to have first hand advice from graduate junior designers who have been through the process recently and who have been successful in establishing themselves within impressive agencies and the competitive industry. Yet again, it was so motivational!

Thirdly, it was really helpful and coherent to see a breakdown of what each role consists of within an successful agency team. In an ideal world, I’ve always envisioned myself one day as a junior designer in an agency and working my way up through different roles, but to see a full breakdown of what each person in a team is required to do, it helps put a stamp of realism into what roles I could genuinely see myself enjoying.

Ultimately, this talk was so, so great. It was so lovely to see new faces too and to see some of the other BCU Graphics tutors that I haven’t interacted with much since last year! On a more personal level, this talk is a great reminder to keep up with the extra curricular activities that BCU offers too; each extra I’ve opted to join in on has been sick!



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